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Safety Package 2: Advance Tower is a Program

Safety Package 2: Advance Tower


$2,000 Enroll

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The Rigging Certification involves the training and education of riggers engaged in industrial hoisting and rigging activities.  As per Wikipedia, a rigger is a person who specializes in lifting and moving extremely large or heavy objects, often with the assistance of a crane, a derrick, or chain hoists. Any work that involves airborne loads is prone to extreme danger and needs to be handled under expert supervision and care. Modern-day construction and industrial businesses involve the in-site transportation of heavy loads, which requires tremendous safety and expertise.


Riggers are offered two certifications: Certified Rigger Level 1 and Certified Rigger Level 2. The certifications differ concerning the knowledge and expertise that can be exercised by the rigger. This article will look into both of the certifications in detail.



The course requirements for this certification are:

  • OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety
  • CPR & First Aid
  • Competent Rigger Operator